Coffee Soul Select
Coffee Soul Select

SuperAutomatic Coffee Machine Coffee Soul Select - New version



Category: Automatic coffee machine

Brand: Schaerer

A new designed automatic coffee machine with two models and three user interfaces. Fit with all places such as hotel, restaurant, office, convenience store.

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- Color: copper, red, brown, green

- Best Foam Technology

- 10.4 inch and 12.2 display

- 3 setting modes

- Graphical User Interface

- 3 grinder types

- 2 hot water outlets

- Second and third boilers

Made in Switzerland


- Dimensions (WxHxD): 330 x 730 x 576 (mm)

- Weight: 55 kg

- Voltage/Power: 220-240V - 2000-2400W

- Ground container: 550gr

- Outlet height can be adjusted manually: 65-185 (mm)

- Bean container: 1200g

- Powder container: 2000g


Select concept

Thanks to the clever "Select" concept, the new Schaerer Coffee Soul is more flexible than ever before.

Double aesthetics

The Coffee Soul 10 – the star behind the bar:
The Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 with the 10.4-inch display has a fresh style combined with a linear, functional design. It is a real workhorse and can be used either in a bustling kitchen or behind the bar. In "staff mode", the machine is a breeze to operate and ensures the highest level of process reliability as well as quick preparation of high-quality coffee specialities. 

Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 – born to be seen: 
With its high-quality processing, clever lighting and aesthetic colour details, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the three intuitive operating modes, it can make nearly any type of coffee your guests desire. The high-resolution 12.1-inch display, which can play videos, not only presents the beverages in an effective and attractive manner, but it is also ideal for promotions and advertising videos.

One Soul – three user interfaces integrated by default

  • Guest mode: For user-friendly guided selection of individualised beverages.
  • Frequent user: For regular users who know their favourite beverage or want to adjust it to their liking.
  • Staff mode: For efficient preparation in just a few steps thanks to pre-set beverages.

Excellent beverages variety guaranteed

Hot & Cold
Coffee brewed hot or served cold? Both are possible thanks to the special Hot & Cold feature. It makes it possible to serve tasty and flavourful cold beverages at any time.

Best FoamTM
The patented Best Foam™ technology from Schaerer has revolutionised machine coffee preparation and promises barista-level quality. Hot or cold, smooth or creamy and firm: You can create milk specialities your guests will love.

Flavour Point syrup station
The Flavour Point offers even more variety with up to four syrup flavours to give your coffee that certain something.

Twin Milk
Expand your product range by offering two different types of milk, for example whole milk and skim milk (2 x 4.5 l milk containers in the cooling unit).

Additional coffee blends
Offer a choice of coffee blend varieties: install up to three 1200 g bean hoppers (instead of powder), and three corresponding high-precision, slow running grinders. You can choose to have specially cut grinding discs for greater espresso variety.

Containers for chocolate and milk powder as well as other powder beverages (instead of 3rd grinder) are available in two versions: Individual container for one powder or Twin Topping container with partition for two different powders.

Simultaneous operation
Simultaneous dispensing of hot water and coffee thanks to third boiler.

Technical features

Integrated grounds coffee machine can hold up to 500g of grounds and is completely integrated in the machine.

A clearly visible, coloured cup positioning and clips on to the cup tray for correct positioning. Particularly suited for self-service operation.

Best Foam technology brought coffee-making to quality levels only a seasoned barista can achieve.

The 10.4 inch screen on Coffee Soul 10 is suitable for key service processes supporting animation.

The 12.1 inch screen on Coffee Soul 12 can show videos and be a perfect tool for promotions.

Serve cold beverages at peak quality with “Hot & Cold”.

Outlet height can be adjusted manually or automatically from 65 to 185 mm.

Uptime descaling system prevents scale- related manufunctions by alerting you when it senses that descaling is needed.

Second and third boilers can be fitted for increased flexibility.

Powder container for chocolate, powdered milk or other ingredients.

Additional bean hoppers and grinders increase the choice of coffee blend varieties on offer to install up to three 1200g bean hoppers.

Additional hot water outlet for tea and other beverages.

Additional water outlet for Americanos.


Back-up with container switching on automatically when low levels are detected.

Cooling unit positioning to increased capacity.

Lockable front panel, cooling unit, beans and power containers to keep it safe.

Flavour point with up to 4 syrups to broaden the offer for customers.



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