Raspberry Woodruff Tea Bag
Raspberry Woodruff Tea Bag

Messmer Raspberry Woodruff Tea Bag - Messmer tea imported from Germany



Category: Tea Bag

Brand: Messmer

Inspired by the scent and taste of the forest, our Messmer tea experts have created this extraordinary fruit tea. As mild and sweet as raspberries and as spicy as woodruff. But it's not just its taste that makes it something special: the fruity, aromatic moment of indulgence convinced the Messmer connoisseurs so much that they chose Messmer Raspberry-Woodruff as our tea of ​​the year 2015.

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  • Ingredient: Hibiscus, apples, rosehips, orange peel, flavor, licorice roots, roasted chicory roots, sweet blackberry leaves, sweet cabbage, raspberries, woodruff herb.
  • Woodruff raspberry tea does not contain caffeine, so it can be used at any time of the day.
  • How to brew: Let the tea steep for 8 minutes with hot water to fully enjoy the flavor of the tea. More delicious with ice.
  • Vegan, lactose-free & gluten-free.
  • MFG: on the packaging.
  • EXP: 24 months from MFG.
  • Made in Germany.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 130 x 65 x 74 mm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • 20 bag per box 


With advanced technology, raspberry is dried but still keeping the original flavor. What are the benefits of raspberries? It has a high nutritional content, with many minerals (Mg, Cu, Zn) and vitamin (C, K, E, B). Raspberry can prevent cancer, diabetes, slows down the aging process, good for the digestive system and brain. And Woodruff is a herbal, which used as a medical product or spice in Germany. Woodruff grows very well in deciduous forest, with the main nutrient is coumarin - usually used in main dishes, desserts, or drink.

Nutrient table:

Average nutritional values:

Per 100 ml:

Per serving*:

Calorific value

10 kJ (2 kcal)

20 kJ (5 kcal)


0 g

0 g


0.6 g

1.2 g

Of which sugars

0.2 g



0 g

0 g

Hereof: saturated fatty acids

0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g


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