THCR-01 (~1.5KG)
THCR-01 (~1.5KG)

THCR-01 (~1.5KG)



Coffee roaster

Brand: Proaster

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- Color: Red
- Gas pressure: low pressure for home use
- Easy to observe roasting process 
- Quick bean release 
- Clean silver skin collect 
- Stable radiant heat transfer 
- Precise air and heat control 
- A powerful cooling (within 3 minutes)
- Extinguishing safety device
- Multi purpose roaster that is used for training, sample roasting, for profiling test


- Size (WxHxD): 120 x 86.5 x 58.5 cm
- Weight: 95 kg
- Voltage: 1 phase, 220V
- Power: 3,500W (electric) / 200W (gas)
- Work capacity: max 1.5kg/batch
- Working time: 5-20 minutes
- Gas consumption: LPG 0.34kg/h, LNG 4300kcal/h


The THCR-01 is Proaster’s most popular small batch roaster. It is a versatile and durable roaster that has fueled the specialty coffee movement in Korea as well as across the world.  Used extensively in coffee roasting labs and coffee academies, the simple design and adjustable airflow and heat controls ensure consistency and quality results.  Using both conductive and convective heat the innovative damper control allows for precise and immediate airflow adjustment. Roasting times under 10 minutes can be achieved, if desired, and the roasted beans are cooled within 3 minutes using the powerful blower.  In addition, the built-in safety system ensure safe operation.

Airflow Controlled Roasting (semi-heat blast)

Advanced roasting design combines the traditional radiant heat of a drum roaster with the ability to control the airflow and convection heat through the drum for exceptional results. Roasters can perform as a traditional drum roaster and with the added airflow control even beginners can deliver uniform heat to the beans for superior results.

Maximum efficiency

High thermal efficiency of the drum structure is designed to enable the roasting time and 10 part heater unit to implement the results of the rich roasted flavor and aroma that can not be shop-class experience from the existing 1KG roaster.

Precise airflow control
By utilizing the damper switch you can precisely control the airflow through the roaster to create the desired roasts and aromas.

Rapid cooling system

Rapid cooling of the roasted coffee is a very important factor in maintaining the taste and flavor of your roast. PROASTER utilizes a powerful blowing motor that can cool the beans in under three minutes.

Safety system

If the power goes out or the exhaust blower fails then the safety system is designed to close the gas valve. Additionally, if the roasting temperature reaches the upper limit then the safety system will turn off the gas and power supply.


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