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Melitta® is one of the best German coffee machine brands which has been awarded with Red Dot Design Award 2010, 2012, 2014.

Melitta® products are reliable, easy to use and meet requirements of all fastidious customers.

Melitta® Journey through Time


Melitta Bentz invents the pour-over & coffee filter

The original filter is born: Melitta Bentz, from Dresden, comes up with the ingenious idea to banish coffee grounds from cups using a paper filter, by punching holes through the base of a brass pot and placing a blotting sheet from her eldest son’s school book on it. With a patent on her invention and 73 Reich pfennigs of start-up capital, the shrewd housewife has the company, M. Bentz, entered in the Dresden commercial register on December 15th.


The first round pour-over

Like the original pour-over, this filter generation is structured in three parts and comprised of a removable water distributor, the filter body and a sieve insert, onto which the filter paper is laid.


Melitta® becomes red-green

In order to protect it from the numerous imitators, from 1925 onwards, Melitta® markets the filter packages in their characteristic red-green colour combination, which is still typical today.


The first Melitta® lettering

1932 the typical Melitta® lettering is introduced, so that another identifying feature is created. 1937 the lettering is changed for the first and last time. To this day, it is synonymous all over the world with coffee preparation using the filter method.

The first quick filters

The filter receives its conical shape. The round, flat base with outflow holes are characteristic. With an accompanying “presser”, the square, flat filter paper is pressed into the filter shape.


A perfect couple

The shape of the coffee filter changes: It is slit-shaped at the bottom. To match this, the coffee filters known today as filter bags were developed and patented. With this, the perfect shape is created for filter coffee.


Melitta® comes to the cinema
The first commercial for the first quick filters comes to the cinemas.


A classic is born

The pastel-colored Melitta® earthenware pots and filter cones, which have been produced in their millions since 1954, have now become sought-after collectors' items.  Simple, avant-garde shapes and colorful, fashionable décors characterise the typical Melitta® crockery of the 60s and 70s.


Quick filter made of plastic

Melitta® develops the "quick filter" (now know as a pour-over cone coffeemaker) made of plastic. Initially transparent, they are soon manufactured in numerous color variations.


For perfect coffee enjoyment

In order to complete the range of coffee products offered, Melitta began selling coffee in 1962. Melitta was the first coffee roaster in Germany to offer ground and vacuum-packed coffee. Roasting initially took place in Minden, Germany, the company headquarters.


Melitta USA is established

June 3rd, 1963, Melitta establishes its second North American subsidiary, this one in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. At this facility, coffee filters are produced for the American market. By 1964, a coffee roasting plant was set up in Cherry Hill.

An office in Toronto, Ontario was established in 1960.  This was the first Melitta overseas subsidiary. 


Natural Brown® filter paper

Melitta is the first company to introduce Natural Brown® filter paper, made from unbleached pulp. During the manufacture of the raw materials no bleaching agents are added, thus keeping any unwanted by-products from leaching into the environment.


Oxygen-cleansed paper

In cooperation with paper manufacturers, Melitta develops a new cleansing method in order to produce white filter paper without the use of chlorine. Chlorine-free, oxygen-cleansed paper is born.


The Funkaffe set

The Funkaffe set is a modern design of the classic Melitta pour-over coffee brewer.


Melitta filter paper with Flavor Pores™

Melitta introduces Flavor Pores™ to North America. Melitta develops a new filter paper generation, Melitta filter paper with Flavor Pores™. This filter paper has microfine perforations that allow more coffee taste and aroma to come through while filtering out unwanted sediment, particles, and oils which have a negative effect on cholesterol levels.


Double Crimp technology

Melitta has once again proven to be the industry leader and innovator with a Double Crimp technology that adds a second safety crimp for extra strength and durability to coffee filters.


Ready Set Joe

Melitta's signature pour-over cone is redesigned in colored plastic and is called the Ready Set Joe. It is available in sets with ceramic and travel mugs.


Bamboo filters

Melitta launches Bamboo filters in #2 and #4 sizes. Made with 60% Bamboo, a naturally renewing resource.


Melitta Group celebrates 100 year anniversary

Hamilton Beach

A full line of electric coffeemakers is launched through a partnership with Hamilton Beach


Plant Modernization

Melitta USA’s coffee roaster in Cherry Hill, NJ undergoes multi-million dollar modernization.


Timeless porcelain cone

Melitta’s timeless porcelain cone is further adapted to have ridges on the inside walls as well as one drip-through hole to maximize coffee extraction and flavor.


Melitta transitions cans

Keeping with sustainable initiatives, Melitta transitions cans to recycled composite materials.


The JavaJig, a reusable capsule with a paper filter, for Keurig-style single serve brewers, is released.



Melitta encapsulates premium Café de Europa coffees in filter cups for Keurig-style single serve brewers.


Signature Series

Melitta continues to innovate handcrafted coffee with the launch of a new collection of 1-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewers in new colors and materials. The Signature Series features an updated body style with new brewing features, such as the two viewing windows and the perfect size drip opening. 


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