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Milk frother Cremio II - Black



Automatic Coffee Machine

Brand: Melitta

The Milk Frother from Melitta brand (Germany). The equipment in high-quality stainless steel look makes perfect milk froth for coffee speciallities, makes latte macchiato or cappuccino just like from your favourite Italian coffee.

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- Material: Stainless steel
- Color: Black
- Non-stick container with stainless steel housing
- Illuminated operating buttons: Red: Hot milk/ Hot Milk froth. Blue: Cold milk froth
- Automatic switch-off: The appliance switches off automatically as soon as the preparation process ends or when too little milk in the container.
- Lift-switch-off: The appliance turns off as soon as it is removed from its base. 
- Dekra-GS-tested for safety
- Whisk and lid are dishwasher-safe
- Made in China


- Size (WxHxD): 11 x 20 x 16 cm
- Weight: 1.3 Kg
- Voltage/ Power: 230V/ 450W
- Capacity: 0.25 L, Milk froth: 100-150 ml, Hot Milk: 100-250 ml


For lovers of frothed milk
The Cremio® in high-quality stainless steel look makes perfect milk froth for coffee specialties, makes latte macchiato or cappuccino just like from your favorite Italian coffee. And the best thing is: With Cremio®, you can make it at home! Cold milk from the Cremio is the perfect way to enhance desserts and fruit as a light alternative to cream. It also keeps fans of milk and cocoa happy as Cremio® can also be used to heat up the milk.


With a magnetic drive solution in the appliance's bottom (instead of the motor in the lid in Cremio® I), the lid and whisk can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after usage. The electronic of Cremio II is completely sealed from the milk container, therefore it is considerably less error-prone.

Perfect fine-pored frothed milk

The Melitta® Cremio® makes wonderful fine-pored frothed milk for any coffee specialty. Whether you use soya milk, lactose-free milk, or full-cream milk - the Cremio® conjures up perfect frothed milk. Our tip: For excellent frothed milk, use milk with a high protein content (at least 3g / 100ml).

Hot and cold frothed milk

Make your coffee specialties at home and prepare latte macchiato, cappuccino or iced coffee with the Melitta® Cremio®. Conjure up your favorite coffee specialty really simply at the push of a button!

It is not necessary to change whisks for preparing hot or cold milk foam or hot milk. Functions are implemented by different whisk speeds.
- Warm milk foam (Press left button briefly): High whisk speed with heating.
- Warm milk (Press right button): Low whisk speed with heating.
- Cold milk foam (Press & Hold left button >2 secs): High whisk speed without heating.

Heat milk

The Melitta® Cremio® can also be used to make hot cocoa or a cup of warm milk. The integrated heater warms up the milk evenly and prevents burning on the inside of the appliance.

Easy to clean

The non-stick coating in the milk container makes it really easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth and normal washing-up liquid. The lid and whisk are dishwasher-safe.

Intuitive use

The Cremio® is intuitive to use thanks to its illuminated buttons and the convenient min. and max. level indicators on the inside of the milk container. A red light indicates that the heater is on for the preperation of warm beverages and a blue light signal the preparartion of cold frothed milk.

Easy to use

Easy to use The ergonomic handle and the 360° base station support the ease of use. The Cremio® lid with its integrated knob can easily be lifted from the milk container.

Best product 2016/2017

The Melitta® Cremio® impressed judges at the world's largest innovation prize for Technology, Sport and Lifestyle with its high quality, modern design, functionality and ease of use. The Cremio® also received a special Plus X Award as \"Best Product 2016/2017\".

Mission eco & care

We have developed a label, which helps consumers choose an appliance that guarantees conscious enjoyment. The label uses a value system, which we have developed.

Easy to use thanks to CoolTouch housing

The CoolTouch housing means you can touch the surface of the Cremio® at any time.

Automatic switch-off
The appliance turns off automatically when preparation is completed or rather when the container is empty or not filled to the min. level. 



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