Caffeo Passione
Black - Caffeo Passione
Black - Caffeo Passione
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Silver - Caffeo Passione
Caffeo Passione
Black - Caffeo Passione
Black - Caffeo Passione
Silver - Caffeo Passione
Silver - Caffeo Passione

Automatic coffee machine Caffeo Passione



Category: Automatic Coffee Machine

Brand: Melitta

Experience fresh coffee enjoyment in the new Melitta® Caffeo® Passione® with the practical Auto Cappuccinatore you can successfully make all coffee specialities with milk in an instant.

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- Color: Black/Silver
- Display: LED symbol
- Capacity: 35 - 40 espresso cups/day
- Pump pressure: 15 bar
- Seperated milk frother
- Made in Europe


- Size (WxHxD): 25.3 x 39 x 38 cm
- Weight: 8.5Kg
- Voltage/ Power: 220-240V/ 1,450W
- Water tank: 1.2 L
- Bean Container size: 125g


Automatic Coffee Machine Melitta - Compact convenience for passionate coffee connoisseurs

How do you recognise passionate coffee connoisseurs? When they drink coffee, it has to be more than just hot and strong, because they want the whole coffee flavour! And frothed milk also has to be simply perfect.
The Automatic Coffee Machine Melitta PASSIONE ® offers both - the Best Aroma System ensures the full development of coffee flavor with well-thought-out features. And with the integrated Auto Cappuccinatore you can conjure up the perfect frothed milk for every variation of latte. 
The good thing about it - this stylish small and compact fully automatic coffee machine fits in any kitchen.  
If coffee is your passion, then Passione® is the right choice!

Highlight features of Automatic Coffee Machine Melitta

  • Best Aroma System The "Bean to Cup" principle ensures that only the required amount of beans is freshly ground and used immediately.  The pre-brewing and extraction process takes care of the perfect development of coffee flavour. The Aromasafe® lid seals tightly, to ensure that the coffee beans retain their flavour for a long time.

  • Modern compact design The Automatic Coffee Machine Passione not only impresses with its attractive cubic design but is also so space-saving that there is room for it anywhere. The rounded edges and the high-quality stainless steel drip tray make it a discreet eye-catcher.

Unique coffee enjoyment of Automatic Coffee Machine Melitta 

  • Auto-Cappuccinatore With the Auto Cappuccinatore you can prepare warm milk, hot water, and of course, light and airy frothed milk. With the rotary switch you always get just the right amount easily by hand.    

  • A variety of coffee specialities As well as the three classics espresso, lungo and café crème, you can create your own coffee specialities with milk or frothed milk.
  • LED symbol display The LED display with red symbols makes using your fully automatic coffee machine easy and convenient.

  • One-Touch What would you like? Café crème, lungo, or espresso? These coffee variations are pre-programmed and you can select them directly with just one touch
  • Double Cup Mode (2 cup feature) Automatic Coffee Machine Passione with the Double Cup Mode you can simultaneously prepare two cups of espresso or café crème. Also good for those who drink a lot of coffee of course.

  • Height adjustable coffee outlet So that you can also use glasses or extra-large mugs, the outlet is height-adjustable up to 135 mm. 

Easy to clean and care for

  • Removable brewing unit The whole brewing unit can simply be removed and is easy to clean. This makes the inside of the machine-accessible too, so it can also be cleaned without a problem.

  • Automatic cleaning and descaling programme  The fully automatic coffee machine automatically informs you on the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled.

Smart Support App for Automatic Coffee Machine Melitta Passione

Are you looking for practical information, tutorials and fast service? The Melitta® Companion® app is only a download away! You can control your Automatic Coffee Machine Passione well!



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