Best Taste X Cartridge
Best Taste X Cartridge

Water filter system Best Taste X



Water system

Brand: BWT

Coffee machine protection and the perfect foundation for high quality brewed coffee and coffee specialties

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- BWT best taste filter cartridges provide the best quality water for vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers
- Filter system to remove flavour affecting elements from untreated water
- Highly effective, food-safe active carbon (GAC) filter
- Reliable retention of associated organic content and chlorine
- Balanced mineral ratio for guaranteed aroma and enjoyment
- Perfect foundation for high quality brewed coffee and coffee specialities
- Made in Europe


- Including Mini protector 30um and BWT best max soft S cartridge
- Protector Mini filter filters drinking and mains water to protect the pipes and water conduit systems connected to them
- Prevention of foreign particles in drinking and mains water
- Protection from malfunction and damage from corrosion
- Simple rinsing
- BWT head with water stop valve for simple and safe filter replacement with no water discharge
- Water capacity : 10.000 liters 
- Water temperature: 4 - 30°C
- Intake pressure: 2- 8 Bar



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