BestTaste X Cartridge
BestTaste X Cartridge

Best Taste X Cartridge



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Brand: BWT

For high quality brewed coffee

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- BWT best taste filter cartridges provide the best quality water for vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers
- Filter system to remove flavour affecting elements from untreated water
- Highly effective, food-safe active carbon (GAC) filter
- Reliable retention of associated organic content and chlorine
- Balanced mineral ratio for guaranteed aroma and enjoyment
- Perfect foundation for high quality brewed coffee and coffee specialities
- Made in Europe


- Size (HxL): 28 x 8.8 cm 
- Weight (dry/wet): 0.5/1 kg
- Water capacity : 10.000 liters 
- Water temperature: 4 - 30°C
- Ambient temperature: 4 - 40°C 
- Intake pressure: 2- 8 Bar
- Particle filtration: 5 µm


BWT besttaste Cartridge

BWT besttaste filter cartridges provide the best quality water for vending machines, coffee machines and water dispensers. Particles entering the water during installation, and unwanted tastes and smells, are eliminated, producing the maximum flavour in all hot and cold drinks. With BWT besttaste, water from water dispensers is of a consistently high quality. Even coffee and vending machines in areas of low carbonate hardness will benefit from the improved water quality.

Benefits of BWT besttaste at a glance:

  • Instant, top-quality, particle-free water
  • Reliable elimination of ‘off-flavour’ elements
  • Large filtration capacity of 10,000 litres
  • Reduction in heavy metal content
  • Activated carbon with antibacterial properties

Full combo water system BWT besttaste Cartridge includes:

  • Protector mini 30um
  • Filter best head     
  • Cartridge BWT besttaste 


When installing, it is recommended to check the filter valve carefully to prevent backflow and water from leaking. See more instructions before installing BWT water filters.

Product information

  • Filtration system to remove ‘off-flavour‘ elements and chlorine from mains water
  • Highly effective activated carbon filter
  • Guaranteed removal of particles and particulate matter
  • High sensory quality of the filtered water

Water optimization in the vending machine sector and coffee machines

Water quality is a crucial success factor in the vending machine sector

Quality vending products are booming, and modern vending machines have achieved a quality that can bring out the true full character, flavor, and aroma of drinks, particularly when it comes to specialty coffees. The unprecedented progress in vending machine performance has also driven the requirement for a raw material that is critical to the creation of a full coffee taste – i.e. water. Whether providing instant or freshly brewed coffee, suppliers must use the best water available, regardless of local conditions, to maintain or increase the high quality of their vending machine products.

Optimally treated water is the key component of hot drinks and is a significant economic factor in the foodservice sector

Hot drinks of consistently high quality are one of the most secure and profitable revenue generators in both the traditional foodservice and restaurant chain sectors. The water factor is not only important in terms of limescale protection for advanced coffee machine technology, particularly in the context of trendy, profitable specialty coffees but is now increasingly central to the key issue of revenue generation. How can the foodservice sector achieve water perfection and the best taste experience in every cup? Given that espresso contains roughly 92% water and a cup of coffee up to 98%, and that water plays such a vital role as a taste-extracting agent, it is no surprise that water quality is considered so important for flavor.


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