Aurelia II 2 Group Semi-Automatic
Aurelia II 2 Group Semi-Automatic

Coffee Machine Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II 2 Group Semi-Automatic



Traditional coffee machine

Brand: Nuova Simonelli

Aurelia II Semi-automatic is the manual dosage version, with extremely simply functions. The barista can choose the extraction time in relations to blend. It also guarantees even more advanced performance in terms of accuracy, extraction quality, flexibility and consistency of results.

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- Material: Stainless Steel with ABS
- Color: Black
- Semi-automatic
- Soft Infusion System
- Automatic washing
- Made in Italy


- Size (WxHxD): 81.5 x 56.5 x 56.5 cm
- Weight: 76 - 82 Kg
- Voltage/ Power: 230V/ 4500W
- Boiler Capacity: 14 L
- Groups: 2 groups


Certified World Barista Championship Official Espresso Machine

The Aurelia II Volumetric is great for producing quality espresso drinks in high traffic settings. The Aurelia II Volumetric features automatic back flushing, electronic check of the grinding, and is the only one that's been ergonomically certified by the European Institute of Ergonomics and Psychology as a safeguard to both the wellness and health of users.

Aurelia II is the 2012-2014 World Barista Championship official espresso machine. Aurelia II is dedicated to demanding professional baristas because it guarantees even more advanced performance in terms of accuracy, extraction quality, flexibility and consistency of results.

Suitable for

  • Demanding professionals in terms of quality and cost
  • Medium-high turnover shops
  • Medium-high quality performance shops


  • For the standard version:

Reverse mirror

It allows the barista to watch the coffee filter output without bending down. A little foresight that will be appreciated by professional baristas.

Soft Infusion System

SIS [Soft Infusion System] guarantees a soft infusion allowing a consistent result and compensates for any incorrect coffee tamping. It is also synonymous with superior quality and creamy extractions

  • For the optional version:

Cool touch

The steam nozzles have the patented cool touch system, which in addition to greater security against annoying scalding, ensures easy cleaning; no more milk encrustation.

Milk light

Lighting the inside of the milk jug, till now one of the darkest corners for the barista, allowing optimal sight of the foaming phase.

LED light

The work surface lighting system is also new, guaranteeing uniform light intensity over the entire surface.

Teflon filter holder/ Leather filter holder

Comfort and well-being. Aurelia II confirms Nuova Simonelli's interest in the protection and well-being of the barista. From the ergonomic point of view, in addition to reproducing all the solutions that made its predecessor the world's first ergonomically certified coffee machine (Push&Pull levers, slanting filter holders, high visibility work surface…) Aurelia II presents interesting new devices.

It is also equipped with the special teflon coated holder that offers greater cleanliness and thus preserves the aroma of coffee in the cup. The easy-clean system is also available on demand. It ensures the simple removal of the delivery nozzles.

In general, we can found out that Aurelia II is the special coffee machine, with:

Safe and Comfortable

Great number of ergonomics features: the work surface is evenly lit, while the back is angled so the barista can check at a glance on the coffee coming from the spout, while LED by the steam nozzles are capable of illuminating the interior of the milk jug.


On aurelia both the height and the temperature of every single group can be adjusted to be suited to any use and blend.


Rich in equipment, in the three different versions: semi-automatic, volumetric, competizione and digit, with many useful optional, aurelia suits any need.

External pump regulation

Baristas can regulate the pump without the presence of a technician.

Creamy cappuccinos

The autosteam wand enables anyone to make a thick and velvety milk cream, always at the same temperature.


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