Cubes Asia - Fly with Coffee is Return Fight Tickets sponsor for the 1st round of Vietnam Barista Championship 2018.

1. Topic and structure:

"Latte Art" - The attractive art in your coffee cup


2. Timeline:

- Time of Submission and Vote:  Mar 26 - April 10 2018;

- Time of Result:                            4 pm, April 11 2018 on fanpage: 

3. Participants:

All of Baristas registered to participate in Vietnam Barista Championship 2018 (based on VNBC 2018 's list) in Central and North.

4.  Prizes:

Two (02) Free Return Fight Tickets Da Nang - HCM and Ha Noi - HCM

5. Photograft's format:

- Photos can be taken by digital cameras, conventional cameras or cell phones...;

- Photos  have to be in image form such as png, jpg...and the minimun size of 3 MB/ file; 

- Photos  haven't had to awared suspended or exhibited in any others competitions;

- Photos have to no more than 12 months before;

- Photos  are single or set photos (3 photos/ set) and each set is considered as only one submission;

- Candidates have to provide fully personal information;

- Candidates have to be reponded about  information and copyright of submission.

6.  Rules:

Step 1: Send your submission to Email: or;

Step 2: Like page and Share your submission on your facebook (public section);

Step 3: Hashtag #CubesAsia #Vinbarista #VNBC2018

Step 4: Invite your facebook fan to voting (by heart) and sharing your submission. 

7. Method of Section:

- Candidates have to fully implemented the regulations above.

- The results base on total counting of voting (heart) and sharing on your submission. 

(1 Heart = 1 Mark; 1 Share = 2 Marks)

8.  General Rules:

- Candidates have to fully implemented the regulations above;

- Candidates are not allowed to use fake "heart" or share.

 - Cubes Asia might use your submission to promote, documents and otherwise displays (including non-award wining)

- The prize will be converted into cash only for those, who already have return fight ticket (DN- HCM/ HN-HCM) 
Please contact to us directly via Hotline: (+84) 2838 212 203 Ext 105 or email: for more information.

- In any case, the Cubes Asia decision is the final. 


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