Brass - Venus Family 1 Group
Brass - Venus Family 1 Group
Brass - Venus Family 1 Group
Brass - Venus Family 1 Group
Brass - Venus Family 1 Group
Brass - Venus Family 1 Group

Venus Family 1 Group


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Technical Information

- Size (LxHxP): 32 x 51 x 52 cm
- Material: Luxury gold color
- Color: Steel
- Groups/ Version: 1 group
- Steam Boiler Capacity: 2.3 L
- Voltage/ Power: 230 - 115V/ 1000W
- Weight: 18 Kg
- Made in Italy


Venus Family was first produced in the late sixties in the laboratories of Victoria Arduino in Casorate Sempione (VA) Italy. Here Louis Mercandelli reintroduced the Victoria Arduino tradition to the market through two espresso machines that, more than anything else, represent the brand: the Venus Family and the Venus Bar.

Particular attention is given to the bodywork, entirely handmade by skilled craftsmen, available in brass, copper and chrome. Inside, the Venus Family has the same technology as the Venus Bar, so you can enjoy excellent espresso at the home or office.

The five senses of pleasure

Venus Family is a semi-professional espresso machine. Its aesthetics make the Venus Family an exquisite piece for the home or office. At the same time it is a functional, simple coffee machine with excellent performance.


The beauty of preparing a coffee at home

Venus Family is a very easy-to-use espresso machine, producing excellent coffee and fragrant cappuccinos, thanks to the professional components that contribute to the quality of the result.

The correct temperature for each coffee blend

With the Venus Family espresso machine the water temperature in the boiler can be adjusted. The consequent advantage is that the correct dispensing temperature can be calibrated, depending on the type of coffee blend.


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